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The Secrets Behind PORT's Success

The Secrets Behind PORT's Success

Gym Class editor-in-mischief Steven Gregor's back on SPD. This time chatting with Port magazine's creative director Kuchar Swara. Can't get enough of the mag love!

Hey Kuchar, thanks for chatting with us. Wow... the 15th issue of Port is rockin' an epic cover by photographer Pieter Hugo. Congrats. He's a favourite of yours. Talk us through the decision to have Pieter shoot the cover, and for the shoot to be in his signature 'pigmented' style.
Always a pleasure, sir. We have a new photo editor working with us at Port, Rebecca McClelland. She initially pitched the idea. I'd always considered Pieter a great art photographer, so working with him on an editorial feature was a real honor.

I wanted Pieter's aesthetic to be as prominent as the cover star. The cover is not only a well art directed cover and interesting subject, but also an art object in its own right.


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