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O.R.D. - Outdoor Retailer Daily Magazine

O.R.D. - Outdoor Retailer Daily Magazine

Twice a year, Active Interest Media creative director Matthew Bates and his team produce a daily magazine at the Outdoor Retailer trade show, called O.R.D.. The show, which attracts over 21,000 attendees, takes place in Salt Lake City. This August, Bates and crew produced four daily magazines. Here are the covers and some background on how they came together.

Day 1:
Matthew Bates: We set up a makeshift photo studio out in one of the back hallways at the convention center, so it's easy for us to shoot subjects. But for this first cover, our editors wanted it to be about how Outdoor Retailer is getting too big for Salt Lake City. The show has grown so much over recent years that it's maxing out the city's ability to host it. 


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