Student Competition Q&A: The Internships

Q.jpgIt says one of the prizes in the Student Design Competition is an internship. When and where does that take place exactly? And is there housing included?

A.jpgYep, part of the prize for our first-, second- and third-place winners (and sometimes even our runners-up!) is a design internship at a major consumer magazine. That internship happens during the summer (start and end dates flexible) and it will take place here in New York City. We don't know which magazine(s) just yet, but past winners have interned at Martha Stewart Living, Fortune, Sports Illustrated, New York, Marie Claire, Departures, W, National Geographic Adventure and Men's Health. It's an awesome way to jump-start your career!

Housing is sometimes included, or you may get a stipend from the internship to help cover your costs. Those details will be worked out once you've won, so don't let that deter you from entering!

Already have summer plans and don't think you could do the internship? Don't let that stop you from entering either!! Should you win, we'll do our best to help work out a better schedule for you. And besides, we've got lots of other great prizes (cash! Adobe software!), AND you'll get your work and your name in front of a lot of important people. Get all the competition details here.
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