Student Competition: Let's Face It, It's All About the Internship! Part 2

Student Competition: Let's Face It, It's All About the Internship! Part 2
Our 2014 Student Design Competition (get all the details here!) is officially open, and we're talking to some of last year's competition winners to give you a little inspiration and motivation to get started on your own entries. Of course the cash and Adobe Creative Cloud membership prizes are worthy enough, but did we mention you can also win an INTERNSHIP at a top NYC magazine???

It's probably the most valuable part of the prize. And you don't even have to win one of the top 3 spots to get it ... while it's only guaranteed to our 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners, many of our runners-up also get the chance at an internship! 

Want proof of just how incredible an experience that can be? Well, we got a few of our recent winners to give you a little recap. Monday we talked to one of last year's runners-up, Grayce Holcomb, and today we're talking to another runner-up, Sarah Tan. Read on to hear about her internship experience at Money magazine...

Sarah Tan
SCHOOL:  University of California - Davis
LEVEL: Senior (now a recent grad)
INSTRUCTOR: Gale Okumura
CATEGORY: Entertainment
INTERNSHIP PRIZE:  Money magazine

SPD-U:  As an intern at Money this past summer, what kinda things did you get to do? 
SARAH:  As an intern, I experienced what goes on behind the scenes at a publication first-hand, from planning to production. I learned quite a bit about the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (helping with the iPad issues as seen above), which was great because it still isn't being taught as much as it should be, despite appearing to be the direction that the industry is heading towards. It's interesting to see how the print and digital versions of the magazine work and how each medium accommodates the content. I also got to work with a super-talented team of designers.

SPD-U:  Anytime you start a new job or experience, we all find that we have some weaknesses. What skills did you find you were weakest in that you now want to get better at or suggest future interns consider working on?
SARAH:  If there's something that you want to do, don't hesitate to talk to your supervisor and co-workers about it. Show the people you're working with what you can do. Although things may seem intimidating, nobody will be able to read your mind and you wouldn't be able to make the most out of the experience. Be a sponge. There's always something new to learn regardless of your skill level.

SPD-U:  What was your favorite and least favorite part about living in NYC?
SARAH:  The best part about being in New York would be the fact that there's always something going on, no matter what your interests are or how deep your pockets. The worst part would be all the roaches encountered in the dorm room, which probably would have been a health violation code if dorms had one.

SPD-U:  Any other commentary about the experience?
SARAH:  Whether you are really into designing for magazines or simply wish to put your design chops to the test, it was definitely an experience worth having.

You can find Sarah online here:


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