Student Design Competition Q&A: The Copy

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So, uh, for this Student Design Competition, where do I get the words to use in my layout? Do I have to write the story myself?

Ahh, the wonders of dummy text

No, you most certainly do NOT have to write the body copy ... you just need something to flow in there and fill the space for your design's purposes. We recommend using Lorem Ipsum (defined here; also see our tip here on using InDesign to generate it). But you can use any copy you have on hand. It's not about the story, it's about how you design it. 

Of course, you will need to use the headline, subhead and byline that we provide for you in the category descriptions (get the official rules here).

As for other display copy (sidebar headlines, captions, etc), it doesn't need to be brilliantly written, but it should go along with your story or image. For example, if you have a caption for a photo of Taylor Swift, then make sure her name is in the caption, even if the rest of the caption is dummy text. Or if you have a sidebar, make sure the sidebar headline corresponds to your story. These items don't need to be anything more than labels, but they do need to help us understand your intention for their purpose in your layout.

Find all the details about our Student Design Competition here.

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