Student Competition Q&A: Paying for Entries

I'm about to enter your Student Design Competition and I see that there is an option for free entries for Student Members. I think I'm one, so should I choose that option? What happens if I'm not and I choose it anyway?

We're so glad you asked! Yes, if you are a current SPD Student Member, you get to enter 3 entries in our competition for FREE! (You also get a lot of other great stuff which we'll describe below). But if you are NOT a current member, DO NOT CHOOSE THE FREE PAYMENT OPTION. If you do, your entries will be disqualified.

To be a current Student Member, that means you either signed up and purchased a Tri-State Student Membership for $50 (meaning you attend school in the NYC area) or you chose the Non-Tri-State Student Membership for $40 (since you attend school outside of the NYC area or internationally).

If you think you are a member, but aren't sure, it's easy to find out before you enter the competition. You can log-in to our membership site here or you can email us at to confirm. Please be aware, if you signed up for the free "Friend of SPD" option, that is NOT a membership. You must have a PAID membership to qualify.

If you're NOT a current member, why not become one? In addition to getting 3 competition entries for free, you also get a FREE copy of our SPD Annual (which retails for $50 or more), plus discounted or free admission to all SPD events. And there's more added benefits throughout the year, whether it's discounts on other related events and products, or additional entries in our annual SPD-U Spotlight.

So ... want to become an SPD Member and get your competition entries for free plus all that other great stuff? Then sign up and purchase your membership here. Then you can register for your free competition entries here.

Otherwise, if you're not a member and don't want to become one, each competition entry is $10.

PLEASE NOTE: If you've already registered your entries and accidentally chose the free Student Member option even though you are NOT a member, go purchase a student membership now and email us at Otherwise your entries WILL BE DISQUALIFIED.

Have more questions or want more details on how to enter our Student Design Competition? Get all the info here.

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