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Fast News for September 24, 2010

SPD MEDIA MIX is our regular list of publication design, digital, and media news and updates. Please send your links and news items to SPD at and we'll add them to the Mix.>> Covered as much by the foodie blogs as the... MORE

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Jeff Docherty, New Deputy AD at Bon Appétit

Jeff Docherty is the new Deputy Art Director at Bon Appétit, replacing Tom O'Quinn, who left the LA-based position when he came to New York for the Art Director spot at Money. We hope they were able to work out... MORE

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Medal Finalists Announced:
Rare Specimen Samples of PUB 45

The results of a great judging weekend? A fantastic selection of medal finalists, with competition so tight that in a very few instances, there are ties that can't be broken: Gold and Silver Medals from the following list of Medal... MORE

PUB 45's Magazine of the Year Sweet 16

As we get ready to announce the PUB 45 Medal Finalists on Friday, we thought we'd open the doors a little and share some early results from the judging weekend, the top 16 magazines from the Magazine of the Year... MORE

Results tagged “Bon Appétit” from Musical Chairs

Fortune Adds New DD and New Deputy DD

Fortune's new Creative Director John Korpics has hired Robert Festino as the new DD for the business book, and Emily Kehe as a new Deputy Design Director. Festino will be returning to the East Coast from his most recent gig... MORE

Results tagged “Bon Appétit” from Grids

Seasons Change

The sun is out but there's a distinct chill in the air. Fall is upon us and given the heartbreaking news out of Condé Nast yesterday, it feels downright wintry. (It was all just a bad dream, right?  What will... MORE

Redesign Awards

In anticipation of the Gala coming up on Friday, May 8th, we're going to take the opportunity to devote a few posts over the next few weeks to the work of all the Medal Finalists who are in the running... MORE

ASME Nominations Announced

Happy days for many of our SPD-friends this afternoon as the ASME Nominations are announced... scrolling down to the really IMPORTANT categories, we see:DESIGN:  This category recognizes excellence in magazine design.  The award honors the effectiveness of overall design, artwork,... MORE

PUB 44 Medal Finalists Announced!

Best in Show: A competition whereby dogs designs are judged as to which one is considered to be the most closely conformed to its written breed standard of excellence.We've seen the best, and from a wider variety of magazines than... MORE

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C U L8R, Ciudad. Luv, Tom.

Tom O'Quinn, longtime CD at LA's Tu Ciudad, is the new Deputy Art Director at Bon Appétit with DD Matt Lenning.... MORE