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Paper to Pixels v2: Lessons from Last Night

In what is hopefully the first of many events dedicated to the new world of the iPad and other tablets, Joe Zeff, D.W. Pine, Neil Jamieson, Michael Lawton and Peter Herbert shared their lessons learned in this new frontier.A few thoughts... MORE

Paper to Pixels v2: Favorite Apps

In advance of our first speaker series event dedicated to the iPad, we've asked our expert panel to submit their favorite apps. Here's a look at their fave design, news, and photo apps:Design AppsFlipboard It's an interesting idea: taking web content... MORE

Paper to Pixels v2: Meet the Panel

Coming up on Wednesday, September 22 at the Helen Mills Theater: Paper to Pixel v2: iPad Apps. Meet our panel and get your tickets now (after the jump)--they're going fast.Neil Jamieson, PeopleWhen your brand generates a billion dollars annually and the print... MORE

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Paper to Pixels v2: iPad Apps

Lessons from launching the first wave of magazine apps With the advent of the iPad and other mobile devices, magazines are facing the challenge of translating their content and design from printed page to tablet screen. Our panel of designers ... MORE

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Results tagged “PETER HERBERT” from Grids

Popular Mechanics

From the creative team at Popular Mechanics, some new work featuring, well, UFOs (let your inner MythBuster loose, ok? We all have one). And other fun stuff, courtesy PM Design Director Michael Lawton:We've worked hard since coming to Popular Mechanics... MORE