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POW! Which Artwork Landed the Strongest Punch Ever?

By Steve BrodnerWe asked some of America's most powerful artists which pieces got THEIR blood up the most.In our choice of going light or strong with graphic commentary in media, quite often the pull is toward stepping lightly and letting... MORE

The Art of Political Caricature on Magazine Covers, 1960-76

If you're as stressed-out as we are from the current political campaign, here's an antidote. Julie Mihaly (Boom Underground) and myself (Newmanology) have collected a big set of images of 1960s-70s politicians, and are posting them daily on our Facebook... MORE

Happy Birthday Ronald Reagan!

February 6 marks the 100th birthday of President Ronald Reagan. Thanks to the combined efforts of the Newmanology Facebook page and the Stephen Kroninger Drawger page, we've collected a batch of classic Reagan publication covers, posters, and illustrations from the 1980s.... MORE

OK is not OK

By GREG PONDPhoto editor: I have the pictures we shot for the Death of a Steel Town story. Editor: How are they? Not too dark, right? I mean, not too depressing?Photo Editor: They're great. A little dark, but dark in... MORE