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Babylon Falling: A website of progressive graphic inspiration

Babylon Falling is a great visual blog/website filled with scans of 60s graphic imagery, flavored by an emphasis on magazines and newspapers and the left-wing politics of the era. Site founder Sean Stewart has packed the site with Ramparts magazine covers, Black Panther Party... MORE

The First Issue (Part 1)

With each week that goes by, we're hit with the news that another magazine is being shut down. It seemed appropriate to celebrate the first issue as much as the last.Here is a small collection of pop-culture/entertainment debut issues...... MORE

Interview: Dugald Stermer and Ramparts magazine

A NOTE FROM THE EDITORS, DECEMBER 5, 2011: It is with great sadness we note that Dugald Stermer, illustrator and Ramparts Art Director from 1964-1970, passed away last week at 75 after a long illness. Below we're reposting an interview... MORE

Ramparts Magazine

The New York Times has a review of the new history of Ramparts magazine today, A Bomb in Every Issue: How the Short, Unruly Life of Ramparts Magazine Changed America, by Peter Richardson. For those who've never seen it, or... MORE