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Speakeasy, Work Easier: Adobe's CS5

Add one thing to your checklist today that will improve your skills tomorrow: sign up after the jump advance RSVPs are closed but there are a few spaces open at the door tonight, so please join us for our special Summer... MORE

Get Up To Speed on Adobe's CS5 In Just One Night

One thing we hear, frequently, at HQ is something along the lines of, "I really, really need you guys to do a night that's all about the iPad." And we promise--we are working on that! Something else we hear frequently... MORE

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SPD@SMASHBOX LA: Unsung Heroes of the American West

We're headed west, California, Los Angeles, specifically, for our next Speakeasy: UNSUNG HEROES OF THE AMERICAN WEST! Join us as 6 Art Directors and Photo Editors feature their favorite LA-based photographer or illustrator, and talk work, creativity, assignments, and more.... MORE

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5 New Favorites in Illustrator CS5

Five new favorites in Adobe® Illustrator from CS5 you might not have found yet, after the jump...... MORE

What you'll get from the Master Class.

Just a few days left to register for the Master Class--are you debating still? Wondering how your work, and your work life, will be better on Monday the 19th after you attend the TypIDentity Master Class on Saturday, the 17th?... MORE

GINA BARNETT: Questions, Anyone?

We hope we'll see you this Thursday night at Gina Barnett's Speakeasy at the Helen Mills Theatre. We've blogged, we've probed, and we've e-mail blasted. So log out, swipe your Metrocard and join us for an insightful evening that will... MORE

Master Class: TypIDentity
"This typeface is confusing."

Ever wonder what it's like at the top?  Ever stare at your Indesign-ed monitor, wishing you could churn out award-winning work (or even work that matters?!) Ever flip through Blender, Wired, or New York and and wish you had those... MORE


No matter how talented we are, at some point, we all experience that "writing on the wall" moment, when we  know that it's time to move on. Maybe it's downsizing, or a new editorial direction-or whatever-but it's something no one's... MORE

Introducing: The SPD Master Class

Our goal: an exclusive bi-monthly workshop providing inspiration, education, hands-on skills to SPD Professional members through intimate access to well-respected, award-ridden, top-dog design professionals. After this 1-day intensive workshop, you'll have a new mentor, a deeper professional network, and a... MORE


Teaching presentation skills is actually a small part of Gina Barnett's practice. Most of her work is devoted to leadership presence and communication excellence. Gina works with a wide range of executives to identify their communication strengths and areas for... MORE

Back to School--for an MFA in Design

I met Ron Gabriel in the fall 2009 semester of my Just Type class in the MFA program at the School of Visual Arts, where I teach. He looked familiar to me, and I soon figured out why. A longtime... MORE

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Master Class: TypIDentity

Introducing, the SPD Master Class.Our goal: an exclusive bi-monthly workshop for SPD Professional Members providing inspiration, education, hands-on skills to SPD members through intimate access to well-respected, award-ridden, top-dog design professionals. After this 1-day intensive workshop, you'll have a new... MORE

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Calling All Students

In case you haven't noticed over on our Student Blog, our student programming is in a frenzy of activity these next few weeks: our annual Student Design Competition deadline is this Monday, March 8 (see past winners in the link... MORE


I first met Gina Barnett a few years ago when she came to our office at SpotCo to help the senior managers work on presentation skills. While the president of our company is a natural and gifted orator who's at... MORE

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Sometimes, we all need a little help in the personal-professional department: we all have to have difficult conversations, but we could handle them better. We could collaborate better, present our ideas and our work with more confidence, agree to disagree... MORE

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Best! Books! Ever! (Part 7!)

We're refocusing our energies after a leisurely holiday break, slowly working our way through our growing list of designers and their best books ever. Join us as we inch towards the 50 designer mark.... MORE

Tips & Tricks: 10 New Timesavers in Photoshop CS4

Funny how, back from the holidays, things are going faster than ever, right? Here are some fast and easy tips to save you time (and some, just workspace/mental clarity) in Photoshop CS4. If you've ever experienced the feeling of, "There... MORE

Tips & Tricks: From Comp to Working Web Page with Fireworks

We're starting the new year with a little trip in the time machine, but admittedly, we're not all as up-to-speed as we'd like (need) to be when it comes to toggling evenly between print and web design. New year means... MORE

Tips & Tricks: Preflight Takes Off in CS4

Now that we're in the last week of the decade, time is flying faster than ever, which makes today's tip especially helpful, because it's all about saving time by half:More on this magical Live Preflight that finds errors as you're... MORE

Tips & Tricks: Flash Catalyst, Game Changer

So far our Adobe tips have all come from that wonderland Adobe TV. If you haven't been over there yet, do some clicking and make your worklife much better.Today, though, this isn't really a tip we're sharing: it's a game-changer.... MORE