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The Huffington iPad Magazine

Don't sleep on the Huffington iPad magazine! That's my message to everyone for the holiday season. Huffington just marked their six-month anniversary of publication, and the now-free weekly app has become a powerful example of original tablet publishing. I've been doing... MORE

10 Lessons from Huffington Magazine

Josh Klenert, former SPD president and head of UX and Design for The Huffington Post, provides 10 takeaway lessons from his first 10 issues of Huffington magazine here. Josh will be on stage with the creative directors of TIME (D.W. Pine)... MORE

Save The Date: News You Can Use

This year's presidential campaign poses new challenges for news-magazines, tasked with presenting fast-changing election coverage and other news on a dizzying array of tablets and technologies that go beyond print. D.W. Pine of TIME, Dirk Barnett of Newsweek Daily Beast... MORE

How to (re) Make Money: Part 2, Tablet

As a follow up to last week's post all about the print redesign, design director Neil Jamieson gives us more Money with some insight into the development of their tablet versions. ... MORE

Meet the Pub 47 Digital Judges!

Digital co-chairs Scher Foord and Joe Zeff asked our panel of digital judges to share their thoughts on how social interactions, geo-location and game mechanics would shape app design and development this year.  Here's what they had to say:... MORE

Looking Back, Moving Forward

Looking back, 2011 was a big year. Amongst the defining events this year were the Earthquake in Japan, Arab Spring, The Royal Wedding, Osama bin Laden's Death, Oprah's last show, the 10th Anniversary of 9/11, Occupy Wall Street, the passing... MORE

iPad Apps Come to Life!

Reader's Digest has a fun animation in their new December/January iPad app issue, called "When iPad Apps Come Alive!" It's an action-packed look at what happens to an iPad desktop when the apps take over. The animation was created by... MORE

SPD 47: Khoi Vinh's Favorite Magazine

Khoi Vinh, Co-founder, Lascaux Co.Favorite Magazine: ReederMy favorite bit of 'editorial' design is an iPad (and iPhone) app called Reeder. It's an RSS aggregator. Actually it's just an interface that plugs into my Google Reader account. But it makes surveying... MORE

Conde Nast: All Fire'd Up

One week after its launch, the Kindle Fire is proving to be a platform for publishers that rivals Apple's iPad. The industry is estimating 4-5 million devices to be sold this holiday season. Its smaller screen and 16:9 proportions does... MORE

Magazines on Fire

The Kindle Fire is set to debut on Tuesday with Facebook, Twitter, Netflix and "several thousand other apps including over 400 magazine and newspaper titles. With nine magazines (below), Conde Nast appears to have the largest collection ready for launch... MORE

Recap: Tablet Town Hall

Many thanks to Steve Hart from Adobe and Shawn Duffy from WoodWing for our amazing SPD Tablet Town Hall event last night at the Helen Mills Theater in Manhattan, where a capacity crowd had the opportunity to query experts from... MORE

Fast News for October 6, 2011

SPD MEDIA MIX is our regular list of publication design, digital, and media news and updates. Please send your links and news items to SPD at and we'll add them to the Mix. In other news today... >> Spinning Down: After 26... MORE

Behind the scenes with Editions designer David Robinson

Editions, the highly anticipated magazine App produced by AOL, Mobile has just hit the App store boasting the tag line "The Magazine that Reads You". It's the first digital magazine I know of that integrates tagging of a user's interests... MORE

SPD 45 & SPD 46 iPad App FAQs

Thanks for downloading SPD 46 and SPD 45 for iPad. This is your place to get more information and answer questions about SPD 46 or SPD 45. Please don't forget to rate and review our app in the App Store. Thanks.... MORE

"Above & Beyond" The Traditional iPad Publication App

The last two weeks have seen the release of three high profile non-traditional publication apps for the iPad: Al Gore's Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis, The Final Hours of Portal 2, and now Above & Beyond: George Steinmetz--the... MORE

GQ iPad App v2.0

You get an email saying that Fred Woodward would like to show you the new GQ iPad app that's about to launch. What do you do other than say "I'll be up there faster that you can spell "Galifianakis"?The new... MORE

From SXSW: SPIN Play App for iPad

Falling under the category of "reinvent," SPIN debuts a killer new app for iPad called SPIN Play here in Austin, TX. CD Devin Pedzwater and DD Ian Robinson worked with development shop Bottle Rocket to create the app which leverages the printed... MORE

The Joy of Stats: 200 Years of Health and Wealth

Today I discovered this great BBC video featuring Dr. Hans Rosling explaining the past 200 years of world wold health and wealth progress via a beautiful four minute animated infographic. Watch the video after the jump...... MORE

Paper to Pixels v2: Meet the Panel

Coming up on Wednesday, September 22 at the Helen Mills Theater: Paper to Pixel v2: iPad Apps. Meet our panel and get your tickets now (after the jump)--they're going fast.Neil Jamieson, PeopleWhen your brand generates a billion dollars annually and the print... MORE

Dueling Covers on the iPad

No matter how you tilt the iPad, as publication designers, the workload has increased. When it comes to covers, back in the old days (8 months ago) you "only" had to ship a newsstand and subscriber cover. Nowadays, add a... MORE