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GINA BARNETT: Questions, Anyone?

We hope we'll see you this Thursday night at Gina Barnett's Speakeasy at the Helen Mills Theatre. We've blogged, we've probed, and we've e-mail blasted. So log out, swipe your Metrocard and join us for an insightful evening that will... MORE


No matter how talented we are, at some point, we all experience that "writing on the wall" moment, when we  know that it's time to move on. Maybe it's downsizing, or a new editorial direction-or whatever-but it's something no one's... MORE


Teaching presentation skills is actually a small part of Gina Barnett's practice. Most of her work is devoted to leadership presence and communication excellence. Gina works with a wide range of executives to identify their communication strengths and areas for... MORE

Back to School--for an MFA in Design

I met Ron Gabriel in the fall 2009 semester of my Just Type class in the MFA program at the School of Visual Arts, where I teach. He looked familiar to me, and I soon figured out why. A longtime... MORE


I first met Gina Barnett a few years ago when she came to our office at SpotCo to help the senior managers work on presentation skills. While the president of our company is a natural and gifted orator who's at... MORE

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Sometimes, we all need a little help in the personal-professional department: we all have to have difficult conversations, but we could handle them better. We could collaborate better, present our ideas and our work with more confidence, agree to disagree... MORE

Results tagged “careers” from Grids

OK is not OK

By GREG PONDPhoto editor: I have the pictures we shot for the Death of a Steel Town story. Editor: How are they? Not too dark, right? I mean, not too depressing?Photo Editor: They're great. A little dark, but dark in... MORE

Second Act

Perhaps you've just been laid off--or maybe you're starting to wonder what else is out there beyond the now-scary world of magazines. I took the plunge almost seven years ago and have come out on the other side better for... MORE

Recession Special

We're all in need of some help these days.Jobs, and magazines, are disappearing, and it's time to get serious about redefining what magazine people do. We'll all be better off if we're the ones in charge of our own destinies,... MORE