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Still More Inspiration, or...???

We've got another example of cover design inspiration, one of the boldest to date. Portland Monthly art director Jason Blackheart sent us two covers "inspired" by his original December 2006 cover. Read his comments after the jump...(Left) : Portland Monthly,... MORE

Small Town "Inspiration"

Here's another good example of "Inspiration, or...???" On the left, "The Best Small-Town Cafes," from the December 2008 issue of Texas Monthly, art directed by T.J. Tucker. On the right, "Small Town Trips," from Indianapolis Monthly, July 2009.Both magazines are... MORE

Eat Cheap / Cheap Eats

Illustrator Brian Taylor, the wise guy behind the Doppelganger Design website, has compiled this amazing collection of city and regional magazine covers all devoted to the theme of Eat Cheap or Cheap Eats. Besides the fact that it reveals an... MORE

New York magazine vs. The Social Network: An 'Inspired' Poster?

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury: On the left, the April 13, 2009 cover of New York magazine, "Facebook Revolt," with a photograph of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. On the right, the poster for the upcoming Facebook movie, The Social... MORE

Another "Inspiration?" Cover

Sharp-eyed (and obsessive) Seattle Met magazine art director Benjamen Purvis submits this latest in our ongoing "Inspiration, or.....???" series. The cover on the left is from New York magazine's Cheap Eats issue, from July-August 2007. The cover on the right... MORE

Sports Illustrated "Appreciates" a Time cover

Neil Jamieson of People mag submits this cover from his days at Sports Illustrated, for our inspiration, homage, and appreciation collection. The Time cover is from June 7, 1993. Sports Illustrated is from May 30, 2005.Time: art director, Arthur HochsteinSports Illustrated: creative... MORE

Homage, Inspiration, or .......

Here's my own contribution to the SPD "Inspiration" discussion. In 1993 I was working as design director at The Village Voice. A few hours before closing, the editors came up with a new cover idea, the diminished mayorality of NYC... MORE

More Inspiration, or....?????

Our post on the similarities between a recent Seattle magazine cover and a New York magazine cover from a few years back attracted so much interest, that it got us thinking about other examples of cover design "inspiration." Then we... MORE

Inspiration, or.....???

On the left, New York magazine's BEST DOCTORS cover, 2003. On the right, Seattle magazine's TOP DOCS cover, July 2010. Notice the "Take a break!" signature on both casts.Related story:Rolling Stone: Deja Vu?  Friends / GleeMore Inspiration...  Billboard / MediaweekHomage, Inspiration,... MORE

Tablet Crystal Ball, Pt 3: Another Demo on Magazines Going to Tablets

Hot on the heels of the NYT's article yesterday about the Sports Illustrated and Wired solutions for magazines on the fabled Tablet, Bonnier (home to Popular Science, Field & Stream and others) introduced this video yesterday of what they're working... MORE

Goodbye, Mr. Penn

By GREG PONDHow do you say goodbye to someone you never met? I never knew Irving Penn. But I'm going to miss him. He was a constant, important presence in my life for many years. I've looked for Irving Penn's... MORE

Paula Scher: Raising the Bar

In the late eighties, Paula Scher came to SVA to teach portfolio.   When the semester began, the other students in Paula's class were Gail Anderson, Drew Hodges, Jackie Murphy, Jackie Seow, Mario Pulice, Archie Ferguson, Deb Bishop, Richard Baker,... MORE

Paula Scher (class of '84)

I was one of those quiet, diligent students who worked hard, but said little in class. In the fall of 1983, my portfolio teacher at SVA, Paula Scher, wasn't having any of that; she actually asked me what I thought,... MORE

New Work for the New Year

Well, we're knee-deep over here at Union Square West. And not just in snow! Now begins the work of unpacking the boxes and boxes of Pub 44 entries in preparation for Judging Weekend, set for January 30-February 1. There's little... MORE

the Cinematic Art of Batiste Madalena

I've always been a fan of these early, hand painted treasures of poster art, but to see the the vibrant colors, elegant type design (all drawn by hand!) and bold graphics at the Museum of Modern Art's new exhibition of... MORE

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VIDEO: Norman Rockwell Is My God

James Victore gave us quite a talk in October, peppered with enough info so that in just under an hour, your mind will be blown, in the best possible way. He's a man "hell-bent on world domination" and he served... MORE

Results tagged “inspiration” from Grids

Robert Pollard's Album Art

I love records, not just because they're more fun to play, but because they feel good in the hand and you can see the album art better.  Who hasn't bought a record based on cover art alone?    ... MORE

Paris, Bound

If you're lucky enough to get to Paris, wandering along the aged, off-kilter, one-lane sidestreets of Le Marais is an instantly nostalgia-inducing joy. Sometimes it becomes surreally anachronistic, and the other day, strolling the too-narrow sidewalk of rue de Sévigné,... MORE

Library Love

While researching typography for "a major motion picture," SpotCo art director Darren Cox unearthed a treasure trove of design goodness at the NY Public Library's Digital Archive. In this age of Google Images and big stock agencies, we often forget... MORE

Designer's Block

We know visual stimulant is all around us but, when I have designer's block I sometimes need immediate optical motivation for concepts/type treatment. When there's no time to run out to the book store or my fav eccentric magazine stand,... MORE