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Best! Books! Ever! (Part 2!)

Again, Andrea Dunham and I are on a crusade to solicit your thoughts on the one design book you make sure to keep handy at your desk (or night table, if you're really into it...). Before polling the masses, I... MORE

Seasons Change

The sun is out but there's a distinct chill in the air. Fall is upon us and given the heartbreaking news out of Condé Nast yesterday, it feels downright wintry. (It was all just a bad dream, right?  What will... MORE

Mirrored Covers

This week's BusinessWeek cover is a classic design by art director Andrew Horton and illustrator Christoph Niemann, using the right-side-up/upside down approach. That got us thinking about other magazines that have designed covers in this format. Here are four more... MORE

Time to Refuel?

The Speaker Series kicks off the Fall Season with Richard Wilde, who asks, the course of our careers we lose sight of our essential nature and our work becomes more mechanically driven and we also lose sight of our... MORE

Imitation is Flattery?

Hi all, quick question...I illustrated the logo on the left a few years ago for a small burger shop in Brooklyn, it's copyrighted on all display / menus / collateral. I got a text the other night from the NY... MORE

Optima vs. Gotham: Campaign Typeface Smackdown '08

There has been much interweb chatter (some of it here! -- Ed.) of not only Hoefler & Frere-Jones's Gotham as the official font of the Obama campaign, but also of a graphic discipline and consistency throughout this election season that... MORE

How Logo Can You Go? (A ChiTrib quiz for mag nerds)

As a sidebar to their annual "Our Fifty Favorite Magazines" feature, the Chicago Tribune has compiled a little test for all you (um...we) type-weenies with a competitive streak. Careful, there's one trick question. (Otherwise I'd have gotten them all. Grrrr.)... MORE

Consistency Was the Key

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of speaking with The Economist's Democracy In America about the telling differences between Barack Obama's and Hillary Clinton's campaign logos and their various implementation strategies. Although this was something of a reprise... MORE