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Platon's Power

In September 2009, photographer Platon began a project to photograph world leaders, documenting the familiar and not-so-familiar faces of world power at the beginning of the era of our Great Recession. As the New Yorker described it, it was "a... MORE

Lynsey Addario's Photo Blog from Libya: "It's What I Do"

On March 16th, photographer Lynsey Addario and three other journalists on assignment in Libya for The New York Times were captured and held captive for five days. Over on the Times' Lens photo blog she has an extensive gallery of... MORE

Brian Duffy's "David Bowie"

This past year we lost Brian Duffy, one of the photographers who defined the look of the "Swinging Sixties" in London.  Duffy, along with David Bailey and Terence Donovan, known collectively as the "Terrible Trio" or the "Black Trinity," shook... MORE

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Albert Watson and Laurie Kratochvil Talk STRIP SEARCH, UFO and more...

Photographer Albert Watson has shot more than 250 Vogue covers, 40 covers for Rolling Stone, movie posters, movie star portraits, and more; it's unlikely anyone who's ever browsed a magazine rack in a bookstore, bus station or airport hasn't at... MORE

Results tagged “photographers” from Grids

The 11th Reason to Visit L.A.

GQ had a feature in the September issue, 10 Reasons Why L.A. Is the Coolest City on the Planet, that started out, "The next trip you book should be to Los Angeles..." Like any good readers, we completely obeyed this... MORE

VII Photo Agency Now Also VII Publishers

Bulb's Sortir du Cadre feature and A Photo Editor both carry interesting Q&As with Stephen Mayes, the managing director of VII photo agency, and Scott Thode, formerly photo editor at Fortune and now the editor of VII's new venture, an... MORE

SPD@SMASHBOX LA: Shout-outs to our Unsung Heroes

Do you need a shot of visual inspiration this morning? We have just the solution.A few weeks back we had the honor and the pleasure of hosting our first ever Speakeasy in LA at Smashbox Studios West Hollywood. "Unsung Heroes... MORE

A Friend Writes...

photo above: Henri Cartier-Bresson, Behind the Gare Saint-Lazare, Paris (1932)Dear Grids,I went to MoMA this week to check out Henri Cartier-Bresson: The Modern Century, the terrific new retrospective of the work of the late, great French photographer who pioneered street... MORE

Rare Specimen No. 3
Matilde Montanari

Fellow Photo Editors,How many email promos, entreaties, introductions and newsletters do you receive on a daily basis from photographers? 15? 37 maybe? Endless right? We love (insert big hearts here) photographers. Our life's work is to exalt their merits, support... MORE

Mark Seliger: He Always Gets His Picture

A few weeks back at the Lucie Awards at Alice Tully Hall, the Lucie Foundation celebrated photographer Mark Seliger with their award for Achievement in Portraiture. Presenting the award to Seliger was his longtime collaborator and friend, Fred Woodward. We're... MORE

"One Beautiful Picture After Another"

At the end of an already tough month, word came yesterday that photographer Roy DeCarava had died. Trained originally as a painter, DeCarava was the first African-American to win a Guggenheim Fellowship, and elevated photography of primarily African-American subjects to... MORE

Photography Awards: Travel/Food/Still Life Story


Photography Awards: Feature Fashion/Beauty Single Page or Spread

Nominees after the jump!... MORE

Photography Awards: Service Feature, Story

More Photography Service here, and our first Medal Finalists showing off the power of the story: not only a great opener, but strong commissions throughout the story. A generous look at modern, green home design in Joshua Tree; eggs more... MORE

Photography Awards: Service Feature, Single or Spread

Service. It's one of the backbones of any great magazine, helping the reader to know more, make better decisions, be empowered to improve themselves or their surroundings. Just because magazines have been providing service since the very beginning though doesn't... MORE

Photography: Educational/Institutional

All magazines have a specific audience, a reader who comes to the publication expecting certain coverage, with a certain voice and look, something they come to identify as part of themselves; but for the magazines from the Educational/Institutional part of... MORE

Photography Awards: Trade/Corporate

Everyone's got a challenging job, right? Not only are you trying to make information and content beautiful and engaging, even if the topic might seem, at first, a little less-than, but you're also pleasing editors, advertisers, publishers, focus groups... the... MORE

Photography Awards: Section, Series of Pages

At long last, we bring you more Photography awards! (We know you've been waiting for them...) This overall category features more vibrant photography and excellent design from sections of the book that AREN'T features--where a lot of the creative time... MORE

Photography Awards: Section, Single Page or Spread

The award preview greatness continues today as we switch our focus from Illustration to Photography. Always inspiring, photo is the life-blood of our biz. Photography can provide the clearest, most effective service to our readers, often relays the idea with... MORE

Eggleston at the Whitney...Last Chance

William Eggleston: Democratic Camera, Photographs and Video, 1961-2008 will be on view at the Whitney through this weekend, closing on the 25th--your last opportunity to view this incredibly dense and varied retrospective of Eggleston's work of the last 50 years. ... MORE