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8 Publishers Experimenting with Longform Features

With the state of magazine publishing on tablets under much debate (see: pro vs con), several publishers have been upping their game online when it comes to feature-style content outside the boundaries of replicating print editions. This type of design... MORE

Three Questions for Matthew Bates, DD at Backpacker

You're one of the only Editorial Creatives I'm aware of who directs both the print and digital versions of the brand. If that wasn't tough enough I understand you have a small staff of only three?  How do you juggle... MORE

Tips & Tricks: From Comp to Working Web Page with Fireworks

We're starting the new year with a little trip in the time machine, but admittedly, we're not all as up-to-speed as we'd like (need) to be when it comes to toggling evenly between print and web design. New year means... MORE

Tips & Tricks: Flash Catalyst, Game Changer

So far our Adobe tips have all come from that wonderland Adobe TV. If you haven't been over there yet, do some clicking and make your worklife much better.Today, though, this isn't really a tip we're sharing: it's a game-changer.... MORE

Tips & Tricks: Creating Interactivity in InDesign

A huge new boost in Adobe's InDesign with CS4 is the ability to add interactive elements while you're working in InDesign--workspaces set up to help you add hyperlinks, page transitions and buttons, with streamlined toolbars to simplify your creative process... MORE A User-friendly Redesign

The New York Post's website,, re-launched in September with new features and a new design. Here's an interview with Nick Gould, CEO of Catalyst Group, the design group behind the new look & feel. MORE

Ten Web Agencies

Expanding on a list started for for their 2009 redesign, here is a list of ten web agencies in no particular order: ... MORE and Relaunch

Peeling the two sites apart, and removing them from the "" umbrella, and unveil their own redesigns.What do you think?... MORE

Heating Up the Charts: Redesign

My former alma mater, Billboard, relaunched its consumer-facing website last week. I caught up with their VP of digital, Josh Engroff, about the goals, process and design elements of this project. Here's a look inside:... MORE

Jeremy LaCroix on Web Design: Name that Site

A nice little clip from last summer. SPD's very own Pub 44 Online Chair Jeremy LaCroix dishes out a few great lessons on web design at the Stanford Professional Publishing Course. Video after the jump. ... MORE

The Daily Beast: A Q&A

Tina Brown's much talked about -- and visited -- online launch The Daily Beast is now two months old. Self described as not just another news aggregate, but as a site that "sifts, sorts and curates"..."We're as much about what's... MORE

PAPER TO PIXELS: Who is Paul Schrynemakers?

If taking a print magazine to the web sounds pretty damn hard, how about taking FIVE online?And what if they happen to be massive, million-plus circ. magazines like Men's Health, Women's Health and Prevention...both domestic and international publications?Paul Schrynemakers, after... MORE

PAPER TO PIXELS: Who is Andrew Essex?

Want to know where publishing is headed? Ask someone who deals with print advertisers around the world every day.  And if he happens to have a massive and prestigious magazine background as should handcuff him to your desk and... MORE

PAPER TO PIXELS: Who is Jeremy LaCroix?

We've got one... and he's still alive, too.A magazine guy who has jumped into the web with both feet...and very recently.He's got some serious explaining to do.Jeremy LaCroix, former art director of WIRED, is the creative director of Lifestyles at CBS interactive... MORE

PAPER TO PIXELS: Who is Khoi Vinh?

Some would argue that no medium will be affected more by the internet than newspapers.We've tracked down the man responsible for bringing one of the largest newspapers in the world online. Khoi Vinh is the Design Director for, where... MORE

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PAPER TO PIXELS: Tuesday, October 7th

"Today the internet does what magazines used to do."- Fabien Baron, Interview Magazine relaunch issue.Magazines and their websites.Are websites replacing magazines? Are magazines the main course and the web just a side? Who does what better? How have websites changed... MORE