Sketch Pad: Money's July Cover

Sketch Pad: Money's July Cover Our peek into the process of creating brilliant magazine and newspaper cover design from around the world.

Money, July 2012
Design Director: Neil Jamieson
Director of Photography: Ryan Cadiz
Photographer: Dan Saelinger
Model Building: Mikoto Aoki (Swell NY)

"Getting it down on paper" as described by Money design director Neil Jamieson

The first sketch: 

Photo director Ryan Cadiz and I started playing around with the idea of "construction" to illustrate the cover story concept of "building wealth", which took us down the somewhat predictable alley of construction sites/heavy machinery


This idea evolved quickly evolved into tools...


...which became a bit more cover/news stand friendly when we started paying with composition (...heavily inspired as ever by Mr Lois!) and what to do about the tablet version?



...the tools idea was okay but we felt it wasn't quite "wealthy" enough...seemed a little too "DIY", so we started trying to figure out the engineering behind the object and how to build it...for we started thinking about joints, seams, materials and finishes...we also of course took into account how to finish off the "story" for our tablet edition


On Set:

Fabricating God Makoto Aoki cast and built this stunning object, which was amazingly lit by Dan...



...we shot a second image of the pieces joined together...or fully "built" for tablet to finish off the "arc"

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