Sketch Pad: Newsweek's 82 cover tries!

Sketch Pad: Newsweek's 82 cover tries!
Our peek into the process of creating brilliant magazine and newspaper design from around the world.

Newsweek, July 2nd 2012
Design Director: Dirk Barnett
Art Director: Lindsay Ballant

What a week! An inside look at what it takes to put a Newsweek cover together. Hint: Flexibilty, creativity and an extraordinary team of collaborators! Creative Director Dirk Barnett explains...


82 Cover Ideas in 7 Days. 

Just another week at Newsweek. 1 week and 4 stories to generate covers from: Europe on Fire, Mitt Romney & Mormonism, OBL's Dr. Betrayed and the Digital 100 Power Index. Along with our own sketches and ideas, we enlisted 6 other agencies/illustrators to churn out some ideas: Dress Code, Timothy Goodman, Ben Wiseman, R. Kikuo Johnson, ILOVEDUST and Carl De Torres. In the end? 82 Cover ideas. Go ahead. Count 'em.

Huge ups to Art Director Lindsay Ballant who carried most the weight!

Below, the final product, on newstands now!


Don't forget, want to get your process sketches on Email jpegs...and a few words of explanation to messier (...and more revealing!) the better!

  • Leslie dela Vega

    It always amazes me to see the transition from the 1st idea to the final idea. Thanks for sharing!

  • Hello Leslie Dela Vega,
    Not only you hopping everyone'll amazes to see this and i'm also surprise .

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