Tribute to Blueprint Magazine 2005-2007

Tribute to Blueprint Magazine 2005-2007

Blueprint from SPD Videos on Vimeo.

From Deb Bishop, the former DD at Blueprint:
This is fun little movie in fast motion (we were always in a hurry) of the Blueprint team creating the February '08 cover in the Starrett Lehigh building. Little did we know this would be the last cover we did, ever. Blueprint was the most fun, perplexing, frustrating, yet rewarding project I have ever been involved in. It's been a year since it folded. I just wanted to say thanks and I miss you all. I'm really proud of what we did.

Sarah Humphreys, Cybele Grandjean, Lisa The, Jamie Prokell, Katie Hatch, Page Marchese Norman, Elizabeth Graves, Shane Powers, Rebecca Robertson, Scott Horne, Rachel Boyle, Sarah Conroy, Johannah Masters, Bora Chang, Shira Savada, Denise Clappi, Duane Stapp, Sydney Applegate, Sarah Rutledge, Valerie Rains, Petra Gugielmetti, Heloise Goodman, Mary Cahill, Johnny Miller, Amy Wilkins, Matthew Axe, Tom Prince, and everyone on staff. We only did 8 issues (or was it 9?) but those 8 were "effin" brilliant.

I know you have all gone on to do wonderful things and I wanted to wish you all happiness with your future endeavors in the New Year and beyond. Let's have a reunion.

XO Deb
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  • Eric Hanson

    The magazine wasn't aimed at me but I was always looking at it, wondering what was up next, and always surprised and pleased. I've done work for most of the better magazines and just about all of the shelter magazines, but set actual foot in very few of their offices, living as I do in Minneapolis. So it was nice to see what the place was like. Thanks.

    By the way, was the BLUEPRINT title typography designed by Mark Simonson? (My first art director.)

  • Victor Maze

    It was a wonderful magazine, and I know the work you guys did continues to inspire me and a lot of other art directors.

  • You guys , I'm also inspire to see this magazine and admire its .

  • Nikola Mileta

    Great, been trying to buy all issues via EBay for some time but with no luck.

    Great magazine, but sad true is that such a wonderfull creation cannot last in this world without input of money. It is such a sad story when you have to shut magazine that you have been working on and you think its great but it doesent bring any money to the company...

    Been in the similar situation and I know how it feels.

  • Grant Glas

    Great video... Truly is proof that few jobs are as challenging as preparing a magazine. It's a complex beast with thousands of decisions being made every minute... I feel like this video encapsulates that sentiment.

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