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  • Current Job: Art Director at The New York Times Magazine
  • Location: New York, NY
  • Posted Celebrating The Times Magazine's Most Iconic Images to Grids
    When you work for a magazine that produces 52 issues a year, there is not a lot of time for reflecting on the past. But that's exactly what Kathy Ryan, the longtime photo editor of The New York Times Magazine,...
  • Posted Importing style: Port hits U.S. ports to Grids
    Port's lavish production values belie its shoestring budget. The founders of this sharp new style/culture magazine for men--British creative directors Matt Willey and Kuchar Swara and editor Dan Crowe--chose independent financing over backing from a big-name publisher in a desire...
  • Posted Fave Femmes to What Are You Looking At?
    In 2009, graphics duo Angela Tillman Sperandio and Samira Bouabana of Swedish design studio Hjarta Smarta traveled to New York to meet with, in their words, "a few lady giants of the designing world." Those conversations laid the groundwork for...
  • Posted Typomag: A design library must-have to What Are You Looking At?
    Barcelona-based publisher Index Book recently released TypoMag,which highlights--you guessed it--magazine typography. Curated by editorial designer Laura Meseguer, the book features an international mix of publications known for inventive font usage... ...
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