Dirk Barnett's Profile

  • Current Job: Creative Director at Newsweek-The Daily Beast
  • Location: New York City, NY
  • Favorite Typefaces: T-Star, Blender Display, Helvetica, Locator, Mr Big
  • Favorite Books: The Peter Saville book, "Estate 1-127"
  • Favorited W on Winners 2010
  • Favorited The New York Times Magazine on Winners 2009
  • Posted Blender Magazine to Contest
    Since its launch in 2001, Blender has been the fastest growing music magazine in America. Each month, Blender provides its 2.3 million readers with insightful, comprehensive and entertaining coverage of the ever-changing world of popular music. From the striking graphics...
  • Posted Weapon of Choice Assualt SPD 43 Annual to Grids
    As the annuals are arriving on your desks like hotcakes, we thought it would be nice to hear from this year's design team, Weapon of Choice, a design firm created last year by Todd Albertson and Tom Brown. As Albertson...
  • Posted SPD PUB 43 Design Annual Has (Almost) Arrived to Grids
    Yep, that's right. The hotly anticipated SPD PUB 43 Design Annual will be reaching our shores from Singapore come mid/late December 2008! As it's chock full of the most innovative, exciting editorial design work from 2007--including the Magazine of the...
  • Posted New York Magazine's 40th Birthday to Grids
    Want to hear how New York Magazine began, and what it was like to be a cutting-edge magazine art director in the late-1960's?  Want to know how the approval matrix was born, and why they almost killed it? More importantly,...
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