"Knocks My Socks Off"

This might not seem original to the photo world. But I've been really getting into the stock site Photoshelter.com. It's really made looking through collections of stock imagery more interesting, actually refreshing. The site has 37,000 photographers around the world uploading their images everyday. So it's a great place for me to find fresh and most importantly contemporary images. Also a good place to find photographers for assignment. (More of Leslie's thoughts on stock photography, and the finer details of photo editing at Time, at Rob Haggart's blog, APhotoEditor.com. --Ed.)

Also not too original of resources, but I love looking at WIRED and FORTUNE magazines. Although I'm not a designer/art director I completely love their use of type treatment, design and graphics. One of my favorite pages in Fortune is the FIRST opener. It's always a double truck and ALWAYS an amazing photo.

One mag that is thought out, designed, produced and published by one person with such incredible genius in design is stereotype the minimag. It's an annual. It knocks my socks off every year! It's an idea by a creative director named Barbara Reyes who passionately wanted to put something together whose content is NOT driven by advertisement because it HAS NO advertisements.


Recently, I subscribed to a magazine called NEED. I was drawn to it initially because of its cool logo. But it's photo heavy, full of images from around the world and the design is simple and clean, which I love. It's also a humanitarian magazine which touches my need to reach outside my world and think about the reality that exists elsewhere...inspiring me to want to do some volunteer work.

-- Leslie dela Vega, National Photo Editor for Time Magazine

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