Sarah Garcea: Graphic Images

Sarah Garcea: Graphic Images

I love love love the opening sequence for Dexter on Showtime. The new season just started up and while watching the other day, I was like, I do not tire of this opening. I really like the graphic quality of the images, how you don't entirely know what it is at first and then it all makes sense. I lean towards very graphic images in my work so this really speaks to me.

I also look to the historic Russian Constructivist's posters for inspiration. I have a Rodchenko book that I always end up referring to. It's like my tried and true solution when I'm in a "design slump". I like the structure of them and how all the elements feed off each other in an almost architectural way. And the graphic use of typography and images never fails to present new ideas for my layouts.


--Sarah Garcea, Deputy Art Director INC.

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