Julia Moburg: I can't stop looking at Giles Revell

Julia Moburg: I can't stop looking at Giles Revell "Nature can design better than you, fool,"  captures a principle I learned in art school. Our professors instilled the idea that nature had already produced a multitude of design solutions with integrity, utility, and innate beauty. If we could just turn down the Joy Division, pay her some attention, and use what we observed in our own work (biomimicry being the sincerest form of flattery), the rewards would be plentiful. 
Using electron microscopy and other technologies, Giles Revell's black and white images of common insects show off nature's craft in exquisite detail.  If I didn't know better, I'd think they were marvelous sculptures carved out of pencil lead. The insects are dehydrated and dusted in gold (sounds like some people I've seen on the Upper East Side) before being scanned up to 600 times.

After looking at these images and you might even find some love in your heart for the roach crawling through your pantry.

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