LOOK: What's Inspiring the GQ Photo Department, Part 3

LOOK: What's Inspiring the GQ Photo Department, Part 3
Beginning this month, SPD is introducing Look, an ongoing series that will highlight the images that are inspiring, piquing, and stirring up conversation in various magazines' photography departments. Think of it as an ever-changing moodboard. First up: GQ's photography department, led by Dora Somosi.

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apartamento.jpegThere's a lot to love about Apartamento, the independent interiors magazine that peeks inside the wildly expressive homes of young creatives. But each time we get our new issue, we're flipping pages to find the meditative still-life series that photographer Nacho Alegre tucks into each one. It might be origami birds made out of home fabrics, many different shapes of bread, or stacks of bricks but it's always a thoughtful study that's well worth spending time with. A few of our recent favorites:




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