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3 quick bits

3 quick bits

Hi all, 3 quickies before I head out to New York Magazine's 40th anniversary party, congratulations all!

1  Here's a shot from Tuesday's Paper to Pixels event...(l to r) yours truly, Brandon Kavulla, Paul Schrynemakers, Ian Adelman and Jeremy LaCroix. After a great discussion we ended up into the wee hours with more spirited conversation during the presidential debates at the Triple Crown up the street. I think they like us there.

presidentialphysiques.jpg2  Today is the last day to register to vote in New York state, even if only your name or address changed (others vary but usually postmarked 25 days in advance.) You can prep it here but there's folks all over the subways signing you up if you haven't already.

3  And check out what New York Times infographic gurus did this fun one earlier this week...comparing the physical sizes of historically opposing running mates. It's in reference to the story that Obama is slender so most Americans can't relate to him. Funny according to this Obama, Kennedy and Reagan are (were) almost the same size?