New Look for Fortune

New Look for Fortune

John Korpics shares a sneak peek at his Fortune redesign. Here's a look:

Photograph by Martin Schoeller

24001_1370874479706_1467086047_969379_976161_n.jpgPhotograph by Geof Kern


Illustration by I Love Dust

Illustrations by Edel Rodriguez

Illustration by Chad Hagen

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  • Sumeet Gupta

    Could any one tell me where can I find good fonts like the one used in Fortune magazine. Thanks

  • Marshall McKinney

    Ah, the venerable John Korpics pulls off another Jedi mind-trick. Who else could wave their hand and make a nerdy, wordy biz book dominated by hyper-vigilant editors look so damn fresh and cool—kinda got a Roaring 20s bent to it methinks. It is modern and playful yet hearkens back to a time when the world of Wall Street was dominated by men in dark suits and fedoras. So who cares if the current economy is in the tank, between Korpic's Fortune and Tom Brown's Institutional Investor, the outlook for the design of business books is looking quite—gulp, dare I say—bullish?

  • anoopa

    I absolutely love the new design for the magazine. For me, it has pushed the essence of the magazine to a whole other level. It is contemporary, yet so classic and so attentive to details.

  • Erik Spooner

    I've always admired John's work, and it was some of the contemporary publication design that pushed me towards paper in art school when all my professors kept telling me that our medium was dead. As soon as word came down that he was working on a redesign with the Fortune crew, i sub'bed, waiting to see where it would go. SOOO looking forward to seeing this hit my mail box! I'd be curious to hear what he'd have to say if the SPD interviewed him about this process. Thanks for sharing!

  • Mike Mitra

    I really enjoy the three-dimensional type treatments. The weight of the italic type also looks great. Excellent redesign!

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