Cover of the Day: Monday Edition

Cover of the Day: Monday Edition

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TIME, June 11, 2012
Creative Director: D.W. Pine

Via TIME's Tumblr page:

For this week's cover story by Joe Klein about the loss of his parents, we designed a graphically simple cover.

It marked the first time in more than a decade (spanning more than 500 covers), that only typography with no image appeared inside TIME's iconic red border.

The headline 'How to Die' on a solid red background echoes the magazine's iconic 'Is God Dead?' cover from April 8, 1966. That cover, which the L.A. Times named one of the 10 magazine covers that 'shook the world,' was the first type-only cover in TIME's history.

It used a variation of the Bodoni typeface on a solid black background and was an extreme departure from the small, limited type treatments featured on the cover the previous 34 years.

To illustrate this week's story, however, we stayed closer to our established visual language -- the headline was set in Franklin Demi, one of our family of typefaces.

While we wouldn't necessarily call it divine inspiration, several have drawn comparisons to the 1966 cover. And it's certainly rewarding to know we can continue to uphold TIME's storied 90-year visual history.

-By D.W. Pine and Skye Gurney
  • Nancy Stamatopoulos

    I JUST saw this cover moments ago on my way to work and boy did it stop me in my tracks. Could it be any more simplistic, yet poignant? It succeeded in compelling me to make that quick running-past-the-newsstand purchase.

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