Wired US's Design Issue: A Preview

Wired US's Design Issue: A Preview Its been a while since we've featured the great work of Brandon Kavulla and his team out in San Francisco on spd.org, so when they sent us this cool short previewing their October design issue, we figured we should probably throw them a bone! Check it out after the jump! Enjoy! (Great work as ever guys!)

Wired 20.10: The Design Issue from Brandon Kavulla on Vimeo.

Worth noting this was story boarded by Kavulla himself! Check out his sketch (scribbled on his 5 year old's drawing pad!)


  • Andrew Nilsen

    Great job yall! This makes me want more than one week between issues.

  • Brandon Kavulla

    Nancy, She left her drawing paper out! Fair game! Food, toys....hey...kid's gotta learn.

    Thanks for the wonderful comments guys. More TK!

  • Nancy Stamatopoulos

    I've been obsessed this issue for days. As always, WIRED does not disappoint. Thanks Brandon and Team SF! (Brandon... stealing your 5 yr. old's sketch book??? How could you?) ;-)

  • RobertChakota

    i love this magazine, and this issue is specially amazing

  • Aero Windwalker

    WIRED magazine has always been my inspiration for design. Congrat to the amazing achievement to Brandon Kavulla and his team in San Francisco.

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