My Favorite Magazine ... Benefiting the Friends of Bob Newman Fund

My Favorite Magazine ... Benefiting the Friends of Bob Newman Fund Magazine guru and friend of SPD Jeremy Leslie is making a magazine along side Andrew Losowsky...and he wants YOUR help! 

This fast, one-off publication with the working title "My Favorite Magazine" will be published as a print-on-demand project through magcloud and every single penny of profit will go to the 'Friend's of Bob Newman" Fund. (You can read more about Bob's situation here)

The brief is simple, figure out what your favorite magazine is and why, write a few words, take a few pics and send it all over to Jeremy at magculture 
The plan is to produce a wonderful published piece, give exposure to some amazing work and to raise as money as much as possible for a deserving cause. 

Says Leslie: "If you know anyone in magazine publishing (designers, editors, others) who would like to participate, particularly anyone with a large following that might help increase the book's press coverage and sales, please invite them to take part"...

Get more info and the answers to all your questions here

The deadline is May 30, 2013, we'll keep you up to date on Jeremy's progress!

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