SPD 53 Co-Chairs Announced!

SPD 53 Co-Chairs Announced!
Tim of the House Leong, first of his name.
Lord of Entertainment and Warden of the weekly. Defender of Design. The geek king.

(Tim Leong, Creative Director, Entertainment Weekly)

Toby of the House Kaufmann, first of her name.
Lady Regnant of the 29th Refinery. Queen of the cameras. Acolyte of the arts. Mixer of Margaritas.

(Toby Kaufmann, Photography Director, Refinery29)

Digital Co-Chairs:
Kate of the House Elazegui, first of her name.
Warden of FiveThirtyEight and the Protector of the Grantlands. Defender of the data.

(Kate Elazegui, Creative Director, FiveThirtyEight)

Caroline of the House Smith, first of her name.
First Lady of First Look Media. Tastemaker of Topic and Victor of the visuals.

(Caroline Smith, Photography & Visuals Editor, Topic and First Look Media)

Brand of the Year Chair: 
Andrea of the House Dunham, first of her name. 
The People's Queen. Voice of the masses.

(Andrea Dunham, Executive Creative Director, People and Health)

Magazine of the Year Chair:
Robert of the House Newman, first of his name. 
Lord Commander of This Old House. Grand Maester of SPD. King of the wise.

(Robert Newman, Creative Director, This Old House)

Graphic by Brian Steely

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