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Are Magazine Apps Dead?

Are Magazine Apps Dead?

Are iPad apps dead, or do they still have a bright future? This debate has been raging among app creators for some time, especially in the magazine-making world. Robert Newman has gathered some top app mavens for an online roundtable discussion of the current state of the art: Mario Garcia (Garcia Media), David Jacobs (29th Street Publishing), Josh Klenert (former CD of the Huffington magazine app), Jeremy Leslie (magCulture), and Joe Zeff (Joe Zeff Design). They've collected lots of smart thoughts on the Newmanology blog about the viability of apps, the impact and quality of Adobe DPS, why readers have failed to embrace digital magazines, and whether there's a future for art directors in creating them.

This is essential reading for anyone currently working in app creation and design or who is interested in the future of magazine publishing. On the follow page we've got some good excerpts from the app roundtable, and you can read the entire article here.


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