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Interactives and Feature Developer

This job is part code and part design. We're looking for someone who truly loves web-native storytelling, has an eye for beautiful things, and has the tech skills to combine the two. This person will bring FP's magazine features to life on the web, as well as enhance our long-form and multimedia storytelling. You'll also work with our web team on producing data visualizations and interactive maps. If you've got the ability and interest, we'd love for you to help build tools to make our newsroom work smarter. In this role, you are part of the newsroom, which is to say, you are a journalist and storyteller first. You'll help make editorial decisions about how stories are best displayed online, what works digitally, and what doesn't -- all the while ensuring that digital presentations function across multiple platforms. You'll also lead development on our signature packages, like our award-winning Global Thinkers. You'll leverage photography, illustrations, graphics, data visualizations, and video to create innovative and engaging visual packages on daily and weekly deadlines. You'll work with art directors and web editors to design individual stories, charts, and other content as needed.

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