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Production Associate

Full time, located in NY, NY Fast Company is hiring a full-time production associate, who will report to the production director. The production associate will work on both the print magazine and the DPS iPad app. Job duties include: -Sending art to color house for corrections, and guiding the color correction process with the photo department -Routing proofs and match prints to editors throughout the editorial process -Sending files to color house for match prints -Creating layouts and articles in K4 for each issue, and flowing and attaching text -Troubleshoot any K4 issues -Tightening layouts for creative director approval -Converting print layouts to DPS layouts for the iPad issue -Linking art in both print and iPad layouts -Taking care of the production process for the iPad -Working with advertising production for iPad issues to paginate complete digital issue -Creating house ads when necessary -Backing up files after ship, and sending to foreign editions along with print vendors -Updating edit wall regularly

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