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Advanced Web Programmer

Do you want to help create the 21st century's next publishing house, tv network, and record label? Innovative start-up intends to displace network television, force transformation upon the publishing houses, and perform the functions of an online record label. We aim to help artists in each of these disciplines start out, get exposure, get paid, and get big utilizing social networking techniques and special pricing methods. If you're an artist, this is the place to be discovered and the place to get paid doing so. This is the place to unleash your passion. Skeptical? I understand. In this time of recession, when it seems as if nothing changes, or is changing in the wrong direction, dreams can seem fanciful and progress can be killed. But we have started businesses before and with the publishing houses(ebooks), the networks(hulu), and the record labels(itunes, etc) getting killed because of digital media, there is a great transformation occuring. We intend to take advantage of this chaos to the benefit of the artist. The methods to achieving this goal have been tested, and for some websites, are already at work. We are looking for a top notch WEBSITE PROGRAMMER with serious database work(lots of automation occuring, prices updated according to demand(using an econ model we developed), keeping track of users specific actions, different voting and user rating systems(custom made), as well as visual design). You will be the team lead on the website which means you tell us what you need(e.g. if you can't do website visuals, etc). Keep your day job or not. Join us, and be the programmer that gives birth to the new, modern, system for publishing media.

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