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Assistant Art Director

Grist is seeking an Assistant Art Director who will provide daily creative support for our award-winning green-news website and related organizational projects. You will work directly with Grist's editorial staff, and will be responsible for various media including illustrations for articles, stand-alone images, and other projects. You must have a strong illustration portfolio, a well-developed sense of humor, and a willingness to have fun, play, and get creative -- all with an eye to meeting deadlines. Deadlines. Always deadlines. Responsibilities: You will be in charge of all images and other media that accompany Grist articles: Must be able to execute illustrations for articles in collaboration with editors and writers; Must have enthusiasm for all forms of editorial illustration -- cartoons, illustrations, infographics, photos, etc. Should be familiar with latest internet image language, from hot styles to meme-y photohacks; Will develop -- or even arrive with -- a growing database of artists you can call on to provide illustration or other support when necessary; Will be open to design direction and be able to adapt to Grist's evolving house style, and Will also have specific, growing design vision and ideas to implement and experiment with, especially in regard to special editorial projects and tools for storytelling (infographics, motion graphics, slideshows, timelines, videos, etc) You will also illustrate materials for marketing and development projects as requested by those departments, including illustrations for campaigns, T-shirts, annual reports, printed cards, etc. Consider it a fun 10% of the job, and as most of these deadlines are not same day, you will often get to collaborate with other illustrators, depending on the project, and some truly creative Gristers!

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