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Art Director

Art Director Hanley Wood is currently seeking an Art Director in the Business Media division. This position will primarily execute on print media design projects with powerful photo, illustration and info-graphic presentations, managing art acquisition process and budget. The Art Director will also commission and direct photos and illustrations, conceptualize layouts and type treatments, and produce layout and pages in preproduction. This individual will also ensure the workflow between art and edit meets the daily and weekly deadlines and maintain all of the style sheets and templates within the Woodwing process. He/She will be responsible for managing two direct reports, and work as a partner with editors and staff writers to create a look for the magazine that powerfully connects with specialized intelligence needs of business executive readers. Major Responsibilities and Related Duties Include: Design and Manage the Design of multiple print issues within the residential design set of Magazines. Assigning photo shoots and illustrations Coordinating online design with web producers Ensuring adherence to budgets and deadlines Work with art staff to select artwork and photos for magazine (commission illustration and photography, find stock art, create custom illustration using royalty-free art, etc.) Work with editors to obtain art from developers, owners, architects, and other sources for their specific articles Hire illustrators and photographers; and manage art/illustration contracts and materials return Manage creation of charts for stories Manage art/photo expenditures, staying within budget Manage invoicing, submitting bills within appropriate budgeting cycle Keep to a strict production schedule that allows for multiple projects at the same time

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