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Associate Art Director

The ideal candidate will have a deep-seated interest and a true love of editorial design, typography, and printed materials. In addition, she/he should have an eye for details and the ability to think creatively. Editorial design is different than many other types of graphic design -- the person who fills this position will know the differences and embrace them. 
 The associate art director will be responsible for assisting the creative director in all aspects of magazine design: working with the editorial staff to conceptualize stories, arranging and scheduling photo shoots, hiring out photography and illustrations/graphics, collecting supplemental art, cover conceptualization and layout, page layout/design, working with the production department to get images print ready, proof markup, and final approval of magazine layout -- all within the magazine's existing style guidelines. In addition art directors are responsible for managing budgets, negotiating freelance rates, maintaining the magazine's identity, producing occasional web graphics (pertaining to magazine stories/sections), and working with the production director on editorial calendar deadlines. 

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