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Visuals Intern (paid) is seeking a visuals intern for its digital photo team to help produce content for its website and social media. The intern will learn firsthand how a major fashion website operates while honing their photo research, Photoshop, digital design and multimedia skills. The role will also encompass various administrative and organizational tasks. The ideal candidate is a senior or recent graduate with an interest in fashion and celebrity media, has a strong knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, and a background in graphic design. This is a paid part-time internship (20 hours/week).

Full-Time Freelance Digital Photo Editor is seeking a full-time freelance digital photo editor with 1-3 years of experience working in digital editorial. This position will primarily research, license and prepare images for web and social, but will also occasionally shoot for our site. The ideal candidate is passionate about celebrity and fashion content, has strong relationships with all of the paparazzi agencies, is comfortable navigating Photoshop and a CMS, and knows their way around studio lighting equipment. Digital design and video skills are a plus. Core Skills and Responsibilities: - Fast-paced photo research - negotiating paparazzi photos - shooting occasional beauty, fashion and portraits for - generating creative, unexpected visual solutions with a sophisticated eye and sense of humor - silhouetting, compositing and retouching in Photoshop - inputting images and metadata into CMS - pitching and editing photo galleries

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