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Associate Art Director, Marketing - Men's Health

Men's Health advertising/marketing department is looking for a highly talented, innovative and collaborative Associate Art Director to work with a talented team of graphic and production designers in a fast-paced creative environment. We don't design the magazine, we're like the in-house ad agency for Men's Health - creating 360˚ of advertising and marketing for our advertisers. The scope of work is cross platform (print, digital, video, tablet, mobile, web, 3D promotional objects, events/signage focused) and draws heavily on strong typography, concept development and a passion for the Men's Health brand. Expertise in these areas is required. And if you don't know, you'll learn it. We often do original photography, work closely with photographers and printers to design fun and innovative invitations, signage and advertorials. The right candidate must be at a Senior Designer level and have the ability to manage tight deadlines while maintaining their cool, large volumes of work with attention to detail and exceeding a high level of creative output and ideas. We're looking for someone with at least some video and digital production experience. The position reports directly to the Creative Director. Candidates must have a minimum of 6-8+ years experience at either a magazine, design firm, ad agency or marketing creative dept.

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