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Harper's Bazaar Art & Design Intern

Harper's Bazaar magazine is offering unpaid internships in the Art/Design Department to dedicated students for the Fall semester of 2015. The main responsibility of the intern will be to assist with the day-to-day workflow of the art department and updating the "book" and "wall". This task will expose the student to each stage in a layout's life cycle from conception to shipment. These stages include but are not limited to, editing of fashion, accessories and beauty, trendsetting, page styling and designing, image research, retouching, and conception on a larger scale.

Harper's Bazaar Design Intern

Harper's BAZAAR magazine is seeking Spring interns that can receive college credit to intern in the Art/Design Department. Some processes you will learn will be: organizing the art flow, scanning images, updating the "book" and mini walls, and how to design front of book pages. Must have experience with Photoshop and InDesign, a major relating to graphic design, and a strong interest in fashion is ideal. Internships are typically 2-3 days a week, starting at the end of January and concluding in May.

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