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Art Director, Highlights Magazine

The Art Director will lead the creation and design of the monthly magazine. S/he will be responsible for managing all creative and administrative aspects, including maintaining a high standard of design excellence. S/he will manage a staff of 1 and an outsourced pool of freelance illustrators that may number up to 30+ per issue. Responsibilities · Work closely with the editorial team to lead the creative vision across the group. · Execute all aspects of the development process and overseeing the daily production work. · Identify, initiate and maintain relationships with freelance illustrators and agents. · Have a strong understanding of the aesthetic, content, and format strengths of the magazine. · Oversee the day-to-day management and mentoring of staff and illustrators to ensure that schedules are being met and costs are being managed. · Work closely with other divisions on special projects as appropriate.

Penton Media ART Intern

The Penton Electronics Group of Penton Media is interested in starting an 
internship program for any interested Design students who would like the
 opportunity of having professional experience at a New York City media 

We would like to have an intern with experience in Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and
 Photoshop commit up to 20 hours a week here in our NY Chelsea office. Experience with video editing, Flash or Web
based software would also be helpful but not mandatory.

The intern would work directly with the Art Director or the Group Design Manager in the creation of technical diagrams in Illustrator, processing of photographs for 
Web or print use, editing of video, and layout of one of our ten 

The New York offices of Penton Media are conveniently located on 17th Street 
between 7th and 8th Avenues.

Interested students should contact the Art Director: or the Group Design Manager:

This is an unpaid internship; for college credit only. … MORE

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