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Art Director

We are in search of an art director with at least eight years experience in consumer magazine design to work across both print and online. The art director at Pacific Standard plays a critical role in the success and branding of our editorial products. She or he is responsible for setting the brand's overall visual style, designing all magazine pages, establishing design and production standards, and ensuring the final product is produced at the highest possible quality--on schedule and on budget. The art director is also responsible for all production work for our digital editions, and will work closely with the growing team to enhance features and other online stories with high-quality imagery and/or additional art and multimedia elements. We are looking for a multi-talented person who can strengthen the publication's mission to put social and behavioral science research (with a heavy focus on economics, the environment, education, and social justice) in lively conversation with the news and the national debate. The right candidate should be able to efficiently run a one-person art and production department. This includes working closely with the editor-in-chief and the digital director to establish and continually improve the overall look, feel, readability, and branding of the magazine and website, and overseeing all production elements of Pacific Standard. She or he should participate in industry-standard social media to increase exposure to Pacific Standard and art and editorial. This full-time position, with benefits, is located in Santa Barbara, California; no telecommuting.

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