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Freelance production artist

Freelance production artist needed two weeks out of the month to work on the flagship publication and two additional newsstand only specials. Must be fluent in K4 and CS5.Will work closely with the Creative and Art Director, managing editor, both photo editors, pre-press, photo retouchers and the staff editors. Responsibilities include: color correcting all 4-C art on our softproofing station, relaying the corrections to our photo retouching department, preparing all of the final pages for uploads, putting all of the pages into rounds, keeping track of all of the edit and art changes from round to round, placing all of the high res files int o the layouts, making sure the workflow between art and edit meet the daily and weekly deadlines, maintaining all of the style sheets, attaching all the elements after the layouts are approved, preparing the Cover template with the correct UPC codes, and approving all of the finished files in Insite with the Creative and Art Director.

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