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Graphic Designer in Berlin

Katachi Media is looking for a motivated highly skilled graphic designer with interactive experience and ambitions. The designer we are looking for is multi-talented and interested in developing new ways of interacting with and communicating through touch devices and to a limited extent web and print also. This is a 3 month contract with an option to extent to a full-time position in Berlin. See an example here: Roles The role is very open allowing for a great deal of experimentation and invention. We are looking for communicators not template designers. You will be expected to both understand the content, develop new ways of communicating it and exploring the possibilities of touch based interactivity on the iPad and iPhone. Understanding of code is not needed. You will be designing iPad based magazines, books and other highbred products in addition to some website, application UI and print work. You will be using a unique design tool that allows designers to create highly unique interactive publications with no coding of any kind. You will be given great deal of freedom and opportunity to develop and produce all kinds of media from photographic and 3d to illustration and film. The iPad is a very young medium still, the way in which people communicate is still very early in it's development and Katachi is leading the way in exploring these possibilities.

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