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Freelance Front-end and Back-end Web Developer

purpose: This website guides users through important lifestyle changes that will help them lead healthier lives. functionality: Users will access content via paid subscription, e-Commerce handled with Stripe. Users begin with limited access to content, and more content becomes available in progressive steps (they "unlock" new content). The program is divided into 9 steps; in order to unlock new content, users must click a button to finish the current step they are on, and a minimum of 7 days needs to have passed since they finished the previous step. Timed emails are sent to the user if they have not logged in or completed a step within 2 weeks. Additional user specific content will be available at the completion of the 9-steps as an additional purchase. Requires implementation of a content management system for in-house updates. scope of site: 15 page style templates. Approximately 130 pages when we launch, with the ability for us to add more pages that follow the same structure with the content management system. Willing to collaborate on workflows and process. schedule: Finalizing design and content through mid-July. Anticipated to start development at end of July, going live September 1, 2013.

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