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Harvard Business Review Group - Assistant Designer

The Assistant Designer role is perfect for a talented, fresh designer with a passion for ideas, design, typography, and interaction looking to join a fun and exciting design team. Working under the direction of Senior Designers, the Assistant Designer will execute and deliver high quality design in our growing range of digital products. The Assistant Designer will work predominantly on digital design projects, and contribute to a broad range of departmental tasks.


Assisting Design team, developing options, and executing on designs for
Producing options for discussion, designing variations, and investigating alternative solutions.
Contributing to Design team by enthusiastically engaging in discussion of work and suggesting ideas. 

Working with Designers to: 
-Develop and design interactive web elements. 
-Produce Prototypes and visual comps for digital and web projects. 
-Handle day to day design updates and more project based design. 
-Build the ability to commission and communicate with suppliers. 

Under direction from Senior Designers, Assistant Designers are expected to improve in their ability to operate independently and engage with internal clients, including Project Managers, UX, and tech development teams.