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The Village Voice: An Art Directors' History

Pictured above is the final cover of the final print edition of The Village Voice, which hits the streets on September 20. Photograph by Fred W. McDarrah, art director: Ashley Smestad VĂ©lez.Since its founding in 1955 The Voice provided a venue for a... MORE

From the SPD Archives: Publication Design 38 Judges, 2003

With the judging for SPD Publication Design 50 coming up this weekend (February 6-8), it seems a good time to dig into the Archives for some vintage judges photos.The Publication Design 38 judging took place in early 2003, at Parsons... MORE

From the SPD Archives: Photographs from the Mag2000 Conference, Part 2, 1996

From the SPD Archives recently highlighted the photographs of Steven Freeman taken at SPD's Mag2000 conference in Monterey, California, in early April 1996.Organized by co-chairs Tom Bentkowski, design director of Life, and Roger Black of Roger Black, Inc., Mag2000 was... MORE

From the SPD Archives: Photo Portraits from the Mag2000 Conference, 1996

For several years in the mid-1990s, Steven Freeman was a ubiquitous presence at SPD events, photographing judgings, conferences, and other activities. His portraits of publication design judges appeared in a number of SPD annuals, as well as the Grids newsletter... MORE

Entertainment Weekly. The Covers, Part 1: Michael Grossman

On September 30 at the SVA Theater in NYC, every design director from Entertainment Weekly's 25 year history will gather for an historic event, For the Love of Enterainment Weekly. The evening is part of SPD's 50th anniversary celebration, as... MORE

For the Love of...Entertainment Weekly

SPD's 50th Anniversary Speaker Series kicks off with a panel discussion with the innovators from one of the industry's most-beloved publications, Entertainment Weekly. An exploration behind the scenes of magazine making from its premiere issue to now. Featuring every design director from... MORE

A Friends of Bob Newman Update

Our beloved friend and colleague (and former SPD President) Bob Newman was severely injured in March. He spent several days in critical condition, was in a coma for weeks, hospitalized for months, and is still spending his days rehabilitating--receiving physical therapy,... MORE

Remembering George Delmerico, Longtime Art Director of The Village Voice

Longtime Village Voice art director George Delmerico passed away in early August in Santa Barbara, California at the age of 67.Delmerico was a talented and eclectic art director who designed LP covers (most notably Donald Fagen's The Nightfly), posters, books,... MORE