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SPD 53 Co-Chairs Announced!

Co-Chairs:Tim of the House Leong, first of his name.Lord of Entertainment and Warden of the weekly. Defender of Design. The geek king.(Tim Leong, Creative Director, Entertainment Weekly)Toby of the House Kaufmann, first of her name.Lady Regnant of the 29th Refinery.... MORE

Refinery29's Take Back The Beach: Behind the Scenes with Photo Director, Toby Kaufmann

Summer is in full swing and it's about time people hit the beach. However, visits to the beach are often met with a lot of anxiety and self-consciousness about your own beach body. Refinery29's timely Take Back The Beach initiative--which is going... MORE

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Toby Kaufmann promoted to Photography Director at Refinery29

Toby Kaufmann was promoted to Photography Director at Refinery29 in June.  Toby will continue her role overseeing the editorial photo department at Refinery29. Toby will report directly to Piera Gelardi the Executive Creative Director & Co-Founder.... MORE

Toby Kaufmann, New DP at Maxim

Maxim CD Dirk Barnett has a new DP with Toby Kaufmann. She was previously at GQ, Penthouse, and Stuff.If you've got news or tips about job changes and promotions, send them to us! e-mail to (The tip jar can... MORE